Commissioning a new handmade double bass

As well as my standard model instruments I also take on specially commissioned instruments. Double basses come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right one for you can be a long journey, I work with the player in order to design the best bass to suit them, regarding size, what they want to achieve sound-wise, aesthetics and play-ability.

My standard model is based on the northern English School. This model is gamba shape and comes with a 1060mm string length and a flat back, idea for any player. As with all the basses I make, this model can be modified especially for the player, sting length can be shortened or lengthened for preference, an arch back, back length and 4 or 5 strings can be included.

As well as my northern model, I also have my own specially designed London School Violin Orchestral and Solo/Chamber models, which can be modified for player preferences.

I also have a wide range of old master bass models eg. Panormo, Lott Snr, Gasparo De Salo, Amati, Busan and Tarr,  as well as D/G Violone and Baroque models. Each model can be designed as a 4 string or 5 string instrument and can be specially modified for player preferences. I can also copy an existing instrument, develop or design a double bass especially with and for a player. 

If you are looking for funding for a new instrument please visit my Funding An Instrument page. 

Please get in contact if you wish to try a double bass or discuss commission options.