Funding an Instrument

I offer a number of different ways to pay for instruments, whether it a commission or a student instrument. We can discuss payment plans or I can advise on 0% loan organisations. Please get in contact for more information.

Good quality instruments can be expensive, but they should not be out of reach for any player, below there are a number of resources that offer grants and funding options which are available. I have offered a short description of each, please visit their websites and contact them directly for more information and eligibility.


There are a few loans dedicated to musical instruments, some are interest free and can be applied for by a variety of levels and ages. 

  • Abbado European Young Musicians Trust - Loans (usually interest free) to assist young instrumentalists who are aiming for a professional career in music in buying suitable instruments to help them progress, available to those 18-30 years old.

  • The Countess of Munster Musical Trust - Each year the Trust is able to offer a small number of interest-free loans to former beneficiaries who are on the threshold of their careers, to help with the purchase of musical instruments.

  • Felicity Belfield Music Trust - Available for music students up to the age of 21 years old.

  • Loan Fund for Musical Instruments - Available for professional musicians under the age of 36 years old, for instruments which will be used in public performances.


Below are a number of grants that are available to apply for which can help with the purchase of an instrument.