Handmade Heppleston Double Basses

Below are some of the double basses that I have made. If you would like more information about them please do not hesitate to get in contact. If you would like to find out about commissioning a double bass please visit the commissioning a double bass page.


Heppleston - Panormo Model

This model was based on an outline from a Vincenzo Panormo Double Bass (Swell Back). It has beautifully flamed maple back and sides, with a highly hazelled spruce front finished with a deep oak/mahogany spirit varnish. There is an intricate Passion Fruit design carving on the back of the pegbox and features a number of purfling designs on the back. It produces a dark brooding sound and is ideally suited for orchestral players.

String Length: 1055mm (41.54In)

Body Stop: 610mm (24.02in)

Neck Stop: D

Length of Back: 1170mm (46.06in)

Width of Upper Bouts: 554mm (21.81in)

Width of C Bouts: 380mm (14.96in)

Width of Lower Bouts: 678mm (26.69in)

Lower Rib Depth: 235mm (9.25in)

Rib Depth at Neck: 120mm (4.72in)


hEPPLESTON Violin Corner pattern

This model was entirely designed by myself, roughly based on classic English outlines with Brecian style ornamentation and double purfling. The instrument has a low arched swell back which give brightness and punch but also a warm round sound. The bass is ergonomically designed and has low shoulders and a angled back for easy of play. The spruce front has very regular and even grain lines and the back and sides have lovely regular flame. The scroll is my own take on an old Viennese design with a small leaf design carved into the back.

String Length: 1055mm (41.54In)

Body Stop: 600mm (23.62in)

Neck Stop: D

Length of Back: 1150mm (45.28in)

Width of Upper Bouts: 560mm (22.05in)

Width of C Bouts: 390mm (15.35in)

Width of Lower Bouts: 690mm (27.17in)

Lower Rib Depth: 205mm (8.07in)

Rib Depth at Neck: 130mm (5.12in)

POA - Available to try out and commission.

Commissioned 5 String Gamba Model 2017

For information on commissioning a double bass click here.