Repair and Restoration

I offer a comprehensive repair service, from minor adjustments to major restorations, at my fully insured workshop. I offer a free consultation service, where I will be able to check over the instrument in full and provide you with guidance on what is required and offer a competitive quote for the work.  I do not publish repair costs on my website as it is impossible to to accurately price them without seeing the instrument first.
I provide a 3 month warranty on all my repairs* (*the warranty only covers work that I have carried out, not parts, fittings, new damage, or unrelated repair work)
If you are struggling with transport, I can offer a collection/return service within the Sheffield area.
For any repair or restoration queries please contact me on 07763 688127 or email me at

Some of the repairs I carry out include:

Crack repairs

Neck Grafts

Bass Bar Replacement

Bracing Replacements

Rib repair


Internal/external Restoration


Fingerboard removal

Seam repair


Full part replacement

Amongst many others.