Repairs and Restoration

I offer a comprehensive repair service for Double Bass, Cello, Viola and Violin, from minor adjustments through to major restorations, at my fully insured workshop. I offer a free consultation service, where I will be able to check over the instrument in full and provide you with guidance on what is required and offer a competitive quote for the work. Unfortunately, I do not publish repair costs on my website as it is impossible to to accurately price without seeing the instrument first.

I work on customer repairs, insurance claims, restorations for dealers and collectors, repairs for musical organisations and educational organisations. For any repair or restoration queries please contact me on 07763 688127 or email me at


Some examples of repairs:

  • Crack repairs

  • Neck grafts

  • Bass bar replacement

  • Bracing replacements

  • Rib repair

  • Re-edging

  • Soundpost cracks/holes

  • Internal/external restoration

  • Re-varnishing

  • Fingerboard removal

  • Seam repair

  • Patches

  • Full part replacement

  • Scroll/Peg box cracks

  • Centre joint repair