Set ups and Sound Adjustments

Set up is arguably the most important thing in affecting the sound and playability of a double bass, I advise that you should have the set up of your bass checked over/serviced every two years.

When buying a new bass you should have it checked over straight away and again after 6 months of playing, as the bass gets used to the vibrations the sound post will loosen and will often require a new one fitting. All basses that I sell are fully checked and ready to play before handover.

There are many ways to enhance the performance of your bass and getting the sound that you want to suit your playing and style. Some of the options are sound post position, sound post diameter, bridge weight, string height, string type, tailpiece/end pin type amongst others.

If you are struggling with transport, I can offer a collection/return service within the Sheffield area.

For any set up or sound adjustment queries or to arrange a free consultation appointment please contact me on 07763 688127 or email me at

To make sure that your bass is working to it's full potential I offer the following set up services:  

New Bridge
Sound post replacement
Fingerboard replacement/planing
Nut/Saddle replacement
Installation of machine gears
String replacement
Installation of Bridge Adjusters
Pick-up installation
Tailpiece fitting
End pin installation

To get the best sound out of your double bass I offer sound adjustments such as:  

Sound post positioning
Bridge/string heights
Tailpiece Adjustments
String replacement
Nut/Saddle heights
Wolf note eliminator fitting