set up and sound adjustments

Set up is arguably the most important thing in affecting the sound and play-ability of a musical instrument, I offer a comprehensive set up and sound adjustment service on Double Bass, Cello, Viola and Violin. I advise that you should have the set up of your instrument checked over/serviced every two years.

When buying a new instrument you should have it checked over straight away and again after 6 months of playing, as the instrument gets used to the vibrations the sound post will loosen and will often require a new one fitting.

There are many ways to enhance the performance of your instrument for example: sound post position, sound post diameter, bridge weight, string height, string type, tailpiece/end pin type amongst others.

For any set up or sound adjustment queries or to arrange a free consultation appointment please contact me on 07763 688127 or email me at


Some set up and sound ADJUSTMENTS that I offer:  

  • New Bridge

  • Sound post replacement

  • Fingerboard replacement/planing

  • Nut/Saddle replacement

  • Installation of machine gears

  • String replacement

  • Installation of Bridge Adjusters

  • Pick-up installation

  • Tailpiece fitting

  • End pin installation

  • Sound post positioning

  • Bridge/string heights

  • Tailpiece Adjustments

  • String replacement

  • Nut/Saddle heights

  • Wolf note eliminator fitting