Tree Re-planting

I use wood every day and am well aware of the effects of deforestation and global warming. Due to the age and size of trees which are needed to make double basses and to some extent the small counterparts, as well as increased deforestation across the globe it is important to take steps to decrease the effect of this on the earth.

For every instrument that I make, I am supporting Trees for Life re-forest and re-wild the Caledonian Forest.

For more information on my Grove visit Trees For Life


It is important to know where the wood that I use is coming from. I use trusted wood suppliers in the UK as well as in Germany and Italy. I visit and speak to my suppliers in order to source the best quality wood that is available. 



Ebony is commonly used for fingerboards, nuts and saddle, it is possible that in the future ebony will go the same way as Rosewood and become illegal to deal and sell. Ebony is an endangered wood and although still the wood of choice for these parts there are alternatives available. As well as ebony I am able to offer other hard wood alternatives as well as technologically modified woods.



When making a double bass, the percentage of wood that is left as the instrument is quite low, there is a large amount of waste, I ensure that none of this waste wood is thrown away or put into land fill. All of my waste wood is used for repair work, as fuel, mulching on allotments or farms, or used for other craft making.