Steve Fotios  

Upright bass, The BearCats


"I had a problem with my double bass – fingerboard buzz at fifth position on the A string. Neal found the issue – slight wear on the fingerboard and unevenly wound strings. He planed the fingerboard and helped me choose a new string. All sounds good now."

Keir Teasdale  

"My bass is my pride and joy, so of course finding someone who will take care of her was pretty important to me. Fortunately, after being put in touch with Neal, I don't have that issue any more. I went to Heppleston Lutherie to get adjusters installed on my bridge, so I could lower the strings slightly, and install a pickup. Neal talked me through all the options, gave great advice, and most importantly did a fantastic job installing some beautiful mahogany adjusters. My bass was easier to play, and even sounded better after the work, which considering how great it already sounded is saying something, and he even installed the pickup for me at the same time. I'm sure he'll do just as good as good a job sorting out my sound post too, after I  stupidly knocked it out of place!"

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