Heppleston Double Basses

LATEST NEWS: In December I will be moving to my new workshop in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, I will be taking repairs on again in January, so if you would like to book your bass in please get in contact.

About Neal heppleston:  

A graduate of the internationally renowned Newark School of Violin Making, I am now located in Sheffield, England, where I make new double basses.

I had played bass for years, but was frustrated with not having a good instrument so I decided that it would be fun to try an make one. In 2011 I started a part time course at Newark School of Violin Making, starting full time in 2012. After graduating and some, brief, further training in France and Manchester, I set up my own workshop in the centre of Sheffield, at Yorkshire Artspace’s Exchange Place Studios in 2016. From here I have worked on new making, repairs, restoration and set ups for local and national players.

My inspiration comes from early British instrument making as well as the Italian masters and I aim to use predominantly traditional methods whilst using the minimum amount of machinery. I have made a variety of different basses, classic London orchestral, solo, swell back, flat back four and 5 string basses, violin and gamba form. As a maker based in the north of England I like to use the styles of traditional northern makers such as Cole, Tarr and Briggs in my own model basses.

I use only the best quality materials for all aspects of my double basses, sourcing wood from Italy and Germany as well as English wood. I believe that good wood choice is essential to create a great sounding instrument.

Please have a look around my website and if you are interested in trying any of my instruments or discussing commission options please do not hesitate to contact me.